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Hunt 70s & 80s

James and Doug at Lundy 1974Doug, Levi, Leah Hunt, Christmas 1985Steve Hunt at Christmas 1985Doug, Levi, James and a German Christmas Tree 1982Doug and James Hunt 1977Steve Hunt and Shiloh 1977(?)
Leon Hunt Lundy 1977Beth Hunt Lundy 1977Roger and Shirley Hunt Lundy 1977Steve Hunt and Shiloh James Hunt Fishing Lundy 1977James Hunt, Shiloh and Safid 1975
Doug and James Hunt DLand 1976Doug Hunt ca. 1976Doug, Beth, James and Leon Hunt at Busch Gardens December 1976Steve Hunt Wall Lake 1976Doug Hunt Wall Lake 1976Doug Hunt and Chuck Patton
Doug Hunt and Chuck Patton on the Great Brain set 1977 Chuck Patton's Sled Team 1977Doug and Steve Hunt's House 1977Lundy's famous Daisy the goat, 1974Beth Hunt, (Charles wife?), Grandpa and Grandma CarrollJames and Doug Hunt Lundy Trout 1974

Hunt 70s & 80s, a set on Flickr.

Photos of the Hunt family from the mid-seventies through the mid-eighties. Please send me your photos for the same period.


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2012 Carroll Reunion

2012 Carroll Family Reunion, July 3-8, Duck Creek, Utah

It’s reunion time! We voted to have this year’s family reunion at DUCK CREEK. We have reserved the “WAGON TRAIN” group area at the Duck Creek Campground for our dinner, raffle and fun!
This year we have various lodging options and many different attractions to participate in! You can visit http://www.duckcreekvillage.com/ . You will see on the left hand side tabs for “campgrounds” and “lodging”. For information on reserving campsites or other lodging options. Please keep in mind that they all have different requirements on reservations. I have attached some information for the Duck Creek Campground and some activities that might interest you! Also, you can visit http://www.cedarcity.org/ to check out the dates and prices for the Utah Shakespeare Festival.
There will be more information coming as far as the date for the dinner, raffle, and any family dues. If you have any questions please contact either Tess McCormick, tessr5871@yahoo.com /801-766-9876 or Terri Perkins, perkins.terri@hotmail.com. Please forward this on to anyone you might think we have missed, or you can email me the contact information. If you are on FaceBook look for the “Carroll Family Reunion” event. We would really like to have an estimate on how many people are planing on coming!
Thanks to everyone! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Thomas Huskinson Giles Journal

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Source: biography by Cora McDonald Wathen

Apparently William was born out of wedlock to Ann GILES and kept her surname.

Note: There was no marriage of John Paling (William’s biological father) and Ann Giles. Ann worked for the noble John Paling. Ann gave son William her maiden name of Giles as she was not married. Elizabeth Giles, Ann Giles’ sister, also had a son, Thomas Giles, while working for Paling. Not being married to Paling, Elizabeth gave Thomas her maiden name of Giles.

Conquerors of the West: Stalwart Mormon Pioneers, volume 2

Name: William Giles
Birth Date: 01 Jan 1797
Birth Place: (Great) Gonerby , near Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK
Death Date: 07 Dec 1874
Death Place: Heber, Utah
Arrival: 15 Aug 1856
Spouse: Sarah Huskinson
Marriage Date: 1820
Marriage Place: of Bridgeford, England
Spouse’s Death Date: 05 Sep 1867
Spouse’s Death Place: Provo, Utah
Married 2nd: Mary Ann Day . Died: 5 Dec 1874 , Heber, Utah

William and his family were baptized in 1840 . He and his sons were brick masons by trade. As they were preparing to leave for America in 1854 , a message came to William saying they had to be in Liverpool in 24 hours as the ship would sail. They sent the children on ahead saying they would quickly follow. The ship sailed without them and some others, but a smaller ship soon followed and brought the rest of the saints to the ship. There were some problems upon their arrival but soon they were able to leave for the Valley and arrived in 1856 . Some of their family remained in Quincy, Illinois, to find employment while the others went on to Burlington, Iowa . In two years they all came together and started west. Upon their arrival in the Valley, they moved on to Provo . By 1874, he had moved to Heber City, where he died. Children of 1st wife:Thomas , b. 6 Aug 1821 . Md. 1st, Susanna Moore . Md. 2nd, Jane Taylor .George , b. 19 May 1823 , Md. Mary Greenwood . Elizabeth , b. 11 Apr 1826. Md. Thomas Rasband . Ann , b. 28 Sep 1828 . D. 24 Sep 1835 . John , b.26 Jun 1831 . Md. Elizabeth Giles . Mary , b. 13 Apr 1833 . Md. John Crook . Fredrick , b. 3 Mar 1835 . Md. 1st, Mary Ann Moulton . Md. 2nd,Maria Sharp . Md. 3rd, Hannah Roberts . Emily Ann , b. 6 Jan 1837 . Md.James Carlile . Keziah , b. 20 May 1840 . Md. Charles Negus Carroll .William , b. 26 Mar 1843 . Md. Christiana Carlile . Ralph Carlile

William married Sarah Huskinson, daughter of Thomas Huskinson and Elizabeth Peck, in 1820 in Nottingham, England. (Sarah Huskinson was born on 13 Apr 1800 in East Bridgeford, Nottinghamshire, England, christened on 20 Apr 1800 in East Bridgeford, Nottinghamshire, England, died on 5 Sep 1857 in Provo, Utah, UT and was buried on 7 Sep 1857 in Provo, Utah, UT.)

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Dad’s proposal for creating a family corporation to administer the Lundy Lake Oxbow Ranch business:

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This is the add that Mom and Dad responded to when looking for a resort business to purchase (Increase image size by L. Mouse Click, then L. Mouse Click):

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I found the following article in a Desert magazine, August 1975, that Dad had held on to (To increase size: L. Mouse Click image, then L. Mouse Click again)

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A guide to finding your ancestors (Video)

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