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Dad’s proposal for creating a family corporation to administer the Lundy Lake Oxbow Ranch business:


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Opal Hunt Bible

Opal Hunt Bible Record

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Harold Hunt ObituaryOpal Hunt Obituary

Obituaries, a set on Flickr.

Obituaries for Opal and Harold Hunt

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Ln Hn Fn Last First Age Sex Occup Val Born
30 95 95 Hunt William 32 M Farmer 80 KY
31 95 95 Hunt Nancy 25 F     TN
32 96 96 Hunt Eda 54 F   120 NC
33 96 96 Hunt Alexander 22 M Farmer   IL
34 96 96 Hunt Allen 20 M Laborer   IL
1 98 98 Hunt Abel 37 M Whlwrt 300 KY
2 98 98 Hunt Nancy 30 F     IL
3 98 98 Hunt Malinda 6 F     IL
4 98 98 Hunt George R. 4 M     IL
5 98 98 Hunt Matilda C. 2 F     IL
6 98 98 Hunt Noah W. 12-Jan M     IL
Note:  William, Alexander and (James)Allen are the brothers of Abel who appear to have moved with him and their parents to Raleigh Township after 1830. Abel married Nancy Parker in 1843 and at that time probably left this household. William, Alexander, Allen (James?), Nancy (sister?) and Eda, probably Edith, their mother, remained. Abel bought 40 acres in 1836.  William and Edith later bought land in 1850 and 1852 in adjoining tracts. (see public  domain land tract sales for IL).Ln=Line #, Hn=House #r, Fn=Family #, Val=Real Estate Value

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Head of Family
Last Name: Hunt
First Name: Abel
Males: 5-10 (3), 10-15 (1), 20-30 (1),
Females: 5-10 (1), 10-15 (1), 15-20 (3), 40-50 (1),
Total: 11
Employed in Agriculture: 1

Note: Since Abel is 28 years old in 1840, this household probably represents his extended family, including his mother and siblings.  Since his father, Noah, died in Raleigh on 24 Dec 1833, Abel, the oldest, became head of household.

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Bethel Creek Primitive Baptist Cemetery Raleigh, IL

Saline Co, IL. NE 1/4 SW 1/4, Sec 9, T8S R6E.
From Saline County Cemeteries, Vol 6  pg 85

HUNT,   Noah   d. 24 Dec 1833   age 43 yrs  5 m  18 d

HUNT, Nancy, wife of Abel  (Stone broken) d. 4 Sep 1864  age 44y 27d
           Abel   d. 7 Jan 1880  age 67 y 1 m 5 d
           Noah W   d. 18 Jan 1873 age 22 y 4 m 18 d
           (son of Abel&Nancy)
           Perry  23 Dec 1856 – 23 Dec 1881
           (son of Abel & Nancy)

HUNT, Polley 4 Aug 1859 – 10 Oct 1865


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Hunt  Elzy  45  44  5-30-1855  Moccason Creek 
Hunt  Henry  50  W  1-29-1822  Glovers Creek 
Hunt  J B  49  27  1-16-1849  Trace Creek 
Hunt  J B  28  27  1-16-1849  Trace Creek 
Hunt  James  87  3  4- 8-1805  Long Creek 
Hunt  James  30  28  4-18-1805  Trace Creek 
Hunt  Joel T  35  28  4- 3-1840  Little Glovers Creek 
Hunt  Joel T  2  44  5- 1-1854  Glover Creek 
Hunt  John  35  8  11-24-1841  Big 
Hunt  John  15  16  5-27-1845  Trace Creek 
Hunt  John  75  B  2- 7-1816  Glovers Creek 
Hunt  John  75  B  2-27-1816  Trace Creek 
Hunt  John  123  G  8- 2-1820  Trace Creek 
Hunt  John S  32  28  4-27-1840  Dry Creek 
Hunt  Johnathan Sr  20  E  10-12-1818  Dry Creek 
Hunt  Jonathan S  2  50  6- 1-1857  Dry Creek

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BORN: 1768  DIED: October, 1842
WILL SIGNED:  August 12, 1822

I ABEL HUNT of the State of Kentucky and County of Barren, being weak in
body but of sound mind and memory do give and dispose of my effects in
the following manner; first after paying my just debts I will and bequeath to my wife ELIZABETH HUNT all of my estate, real and personal to her own use and benefit so long as she shall remain a widow.  I give to my son ALEXANDER HUNT my blacksmith tools with all that pertains to them. I also give him the priviledge of settling and occupying part of  my land, fifty acres where he shall choose not interfering with the mountain house or farm occupied by my wife during the term of her natural life or widowhood.  I further direct that at the decease or marriage of my wife, all my property real and personal shall be sold at public auction and the money arriving therefrom to be divided into twelve equal parts and disposed of in the following manner; to my son OLIVER HUNT I give one part with the exception of one hundred and fifty which I have already given him shall be calculated in his part and considered as so much paid; to my son NOAH HUNT and DANIEL HUNT I give one part, that is one part to be equally divided between them; to my son ALEXANDER HUNT I give one part; to ALFRED and ALEXANDER PATTERSON, sons of my daughter HANNAH HUNT, I give one part; to my daughter JOANNA HUNT I give one part; to my daughter SARAH HUNT I give one part; to my son ALEMETH HUNT I give one part; to my daughter AZUBETH HUNT, I give one part; to my son JEREMIAH HUNT, I give one part; to my son WILSON HUNT I give one part; to my daughter ELIZABETH, I give one part; to my son FRANCIS MARION HUNT, I give one part; and I do hereby revoke and disanull all other wills and testaments by me heretofore made declaring this to be my last will and testament; lastly I constitute and appoint my wife ELIZABETH HUNT and ALEXANDER HUNT my son, my sole executor and executrix to this my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this 12th day of August, 1822.

<Abel Hunt> <seal>

Signed, published and declared by the said Abel Hunt as his last will and testament in the presence of us attest

Andrew Baird
William E Thompson
Wm. Baird

Barren County <Set> October <Term> 1842
The foregoing writing purporting to be the last will and testament of  Abel Hunt <dec’> was produced in Court and proven in due form of law by the oath of Andrew Baird and William E. Thompson subscribing witnesses thereto.  Whereupon the <sum> was ordered to be recorded as the true last will of said Abel Hunt deceased.

<Tho> J. Helm CB<bb>


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Record of Pension Papers Which Were Sent to the United States Pension Department, Washington, D.C. by Soldiers of the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 & Indian Wars Who Lived in Barren County Kentucky.
Compiled by Annie Walker Burns Bell 1933
HAMILTON, ABNER Pension #S31105
Private Va. Line, born about 1761. Entered service 1776 in Augusta Co., Va. Pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued April 2, 1833.
Private 1st U.S. Rifleman. War of 1812. Born 1797 near Lexington Ky. Died 28th Jan. 1860 in Hart Co., Ky., Enlisted June 1812 at Glasgow, Barren Co., KY. Discharged 12th June 1815. Penison began June 13, 1815, certificate issued May 24, 1819.
HARBOUR, LOUISA F. (Widow of Jeremiah Harbour) #125-55
Born 1814, Louisa F. Estes and Jeremiah Harbour married March 19, 1837 at Scottsville, Tenn. by James Ferguson. She states her husband Jeremiah D. Harbour had been married before the name of his first wife being Nancy Behan. She has resided in Marion Co., Kansas since 1874. On Oct. 9, 1878 Jeremiah Harbour, aged 39, and a residen of Grant Co., Marion Co., Kansas swears to the identity of Louisa F. Harbour
Private and Sergt. Va. Line. Born 3 Aug. 1746 in London, England, came to USA in 1769. Entered service 1776 in Augusta Co., Va. Has lived in Bourbon Co., Ky. since 1812. Pension began March 4, 1831. Died 22 April 1838 in Barren Co., Ky
HARRIS, WILLIAM Pension #W8893
Private, Va. Line born Aug. 25, 1755 in Cumberland Co, Va. Entered service May 1776 in Buckingham Co.., Va. after the war he lived in Henry and Patrick Counties, Va., and from thence to Barren Co., Ky. Pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued Nov. 28, 1833.
HARRIS, LYDIA (Widow of William Harris)
Born Aug. 30, 1762. Maiden name not stated, married to William Harris March 23, 1782 in Henry Co., Va. by Nathan N. Hall, a Baptist Minister. John Renfro, Sr., aged 79 and his wife Ester Renfro age 75, testify they have known Lydia Harris over 60 years, and were present at the Marriage of Lydia and William Harris. Lydia Harris died 11 May 1848. On Aug. 21, 1848 John R. Harris, administrator, of estate of Lydia Harris applies “for myself and the other children” for her pension from March 4, 1836 to April 22, 1838. Pension of Lydia Harris, began April 22, 1838, certificate issued Feb. 29, 1840
HIGDON, JOSEPH Pension #65-991-40-50
Private and Corp. Md. Line. Born July 18, 1759 in Charles Co., Maryland. Entered service June 1781, in Montgomery Co, Maryland. Was living in that county at the time. In 1784, he moved to North Carolina for 13 years and tine to Tenn. In 1801 he moved to Barren Co., Ky. Pension began march 4, 1831, certificate issued Jan. 13, 1833. Died Feb. 6, 1836 in Barren Co., Ky.
HIGDON, MARGARET (Widow of Joseph Higdon) Pension # 65-991-40-50
She was born Feb. 17, 1766. Family records (very old and faded….)
Joseph Higdon, was married to Margit Halbrook on the 5th day of April 1786
Margaret Higdon b.Feb. 17, 1766
Thomas Higdon b. Aug 4, 1804
Enoch E. Higdon, B. May 5, 1806
Sarah Higdon Davis b. March 10, 1810
Rebecca Higdon b. March 17, 1797
Ishmale Higdon b.Dec. 10, 179?
Joseph Higdon b. Oct 10, 180?
Margaret Hidgon b. Setp 23, 1802
William Halbrook b.March 11, 1784
Gabriel Higdon b. Feb. 5, 1787
John Higdon, b. Aug 8, 1788
Mary Higdon, b. Feb 12, 1790
Susannah Higdon B. Oct. 11, ????
Jane Higdon b.Aug 30, 1793
Hays Higdon b.June 22, 1795

It is specifically stated “that Gabriel Hidgon is the oldest child of Margaret Higdon and he is a respectable citizen of Barren Co., Ky. Pension of Margaret Higdon began March 4, 1831, certificate issued Feb. 29, 1840.
HILL, CLEMENT Pension #W10106
Private, Va. Line, Born 1757. Enlisted April 1779 in Rochbridge Co., Va. Pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued March 1, 1833. Died 2 July 1836
HILL, MARY (Widow of Clement Hill) Pension #W10106
Born 1766, maiden name Mary Ann Douglas. Marriage license on file Lincoln Co., Ky. Mary Ann Douglas and Clement Hill, March 17, 1784. James Smith signs the bond, Nov. 15, 1842, she is living in Lawrence Co., Ind. Pension of Mary Hill, began Mary 4, 1848, certificate issued July 13, 1841.
HISER, JOHN Pension #W8932
Private Pa. Line, born 1759 or 60 in Bucks Co., Pa. Entered service 1776 in Philadelphia Co., Pa. where he then lived. Later moved to Lancaster, Pa. After the war he lived in Pa., Md., Va., and Tenn., from whence he moved about 1811 to Barren Co., Ky. Pension began March 4, 1831, Certificate issued Jan. 28, 1833. Died march 5, 1839
HISER, SARAH (Widow of John Hiser) Pension #W8932
Born 1768. Maiden name Sarah Fancher. Sarah Fancher and John Hiser married Fab. 3, 1792 in Knox Co., Tenn. by Wm. Reno or Runno, a Baptist Minister. On Nov. 3, 1843, Elizabeth Forbis, age 66 testifies to being present at the marriage of Sarah Fancher and John Hiser, she adds they had a numberous and large family of children and she mentions specifically, Benjamin Hiser? the eldest son, who will be 51 on Nov. 15, 1843. Pension of Sarah Hiser, began March 4, 1836, certificate issued Sept. 26, 1849
HOFFMAN, AMBROSE Pension #S16420
Private Va. Militia, born 1754. Entered service July 1, 1780 in Culpepper Co., Va. where he resided. Continued to live there till 1797 when he moved to Ky. Pension began march 4, 1831, certificate issued Jan. 28, 1833.
HUGHES, ABSALOM Pension #S31149
Private and Sergt. Va. Militia. Born 15th June 1755. In Charles City, Co., Va. and lived there during all of his services. Entered service, Oct. 1775 in Charles City Co., Va. Mentions visiting a brother in June 1781 in Charlotte Co., Va. 1784 moved to Halifax Co., Va. and from thence in 1814, to Barren Co., Ky. Pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued May 30, 1833.
HUNT, JONATHAN Pension #S18048
Private N.C. Line. Born 1760. Entered service in Rowan Co., N.C. Nov. 7, 1843. Applied for transfer from Ky. to Mo. Roll saying “many of his children had removed from Ky. to Mo.” He was then in Morgan Co., Mo. On Nov. 10, 1833, Abel Hunt, brother of Johnathan Hunt, testifies that he lived with their father, Daniel Hunt, serving as a soldeir at various times, he himself did not serve being then about 16 and is now 69. Pension began March 4, 1831, certificate issued April 3, 1833.

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Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements & Rosters

Pension application of Jonathan Hunt S18048 fn65NC

Transcribed by Will Graves 8/21/10


[Methodology: Spelling, punctuation and/or grammar have been corrected in some instances for ease of reading and to facilitate searches of the database. Also, the handwriting of the original scribes often lends itself to varying interpretations. Users of this database are urged to view the original and to make their own decision as to how to decipher what the original scribe actually wrote. Blanks appearing in the transcripts reflect blanks in the original. Folks are free to make non-commercial use this transcript in any manner they may see fit, but please extend the courtesy of acknowledging the transcriber—besides, if it turns out the transcript contains mistakes, the resulting embarrassment will fall on the transcriber. I use speech recognition software to make all my transcriptions. Such software misinterprets my southern accent with unfortunate regularity and my poor proofreading fails to catch all misinterpretations. I welcome and encourage folks to call those and any other errors to my attention.]

[fn p. 10]

State of Kentucky County of Barren

On this 17th day of September 1832 personally appeared in open Court before the Barren Circuit now sitting Jonathan hunt a resident of Kentucky in the County of Maryland, aged 72 years, who being 1st duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June the 7th 1832.

That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated.

 I volunteered in the State of North Carolina Rowan County and was attached to Captain John Slone1 Company, we marched by the way of Macklin burg [sic, Mecklenburg] and at a place known by the name of Ramsour’s Mill on the South branch of the Cataba [sic, Catawba River], (Colonel F. Lock [sic, Francis Locke] and Major James Reatherford [sic, James Rutherford] Commanded). We had an engagement with the Tories, and after the battle was attached to the command of Captain Mirick Daviss, Johnathan Conga, Lt., Thomas Todd Ins. [sic, Ensign]. I was out 15 days. I think it was in the month of June, the year I do not recollect.

I again entered the service in the month of August, I think (State and County above mentioned) under Captain John Bullin, Lt. George Bullin, Insign Hugh Davis was my commanding officers, Colonel F Locke and Jayor __ Evins [sic, Evans? or Erwin?] Commanded, I was in no particular engagement and was out 3 months and received my discharge 12 miles from Sharlott Court House [sic, Charlotte Court House] in Macklinburgh [Mecklenburg] County in North Carolina, my discharge was signed by Colonel F _ Locke and it is lost or mislaid so that I do not know where it is. I received my discharge as a Sergeant – in the above Company.

I again entered the service same State mentioned under Captain __ Robertson Lieutenant William Manary [McNairy?] and Ensign Hugh Manary [McNairy] was my Company officers, Colonel __ Lofton, Majors __ White and Maguere [Maguire or McGuire?] General G. Reatherford [sic, Griffith Rutherford] had the command. I think this Tour commenced in August. We were principally upon scouting parties, I received my discharge has Corporal on the North East River fifteen miles from Wilmington, signed by General Rutherford. I think this was in the year of 81. I was in service several times that I received no discharge for the longest time that I recollect it was seventeen days.

I hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declare that my name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State.

Sworn to and subscribed the year and date aforesaid.

S/ Jonathan Hunt

This day __ personally appeared Frederick Smith2  of the County of Barren and State of Kentucky before said court __ and made oath that he is knowing to one of the services mentioned in the above declaration namely the Wilmington expedition.

S/ Frederick Smith, X his mark

[Richard Raglin, a clergyman, and William Ellis gave the standard supporting affidavit.]

[fn p. 33]

State of Kentucky Barren County

This day Frederick Smith of said State & County appeared before me a Justice of the peace in and for said State & County and made oath that he was in the revolutionary War when Jonathan Hunt of said State & County was to wit 1781 & 1780 and that said Hunt served as a private soldier in 1780 under Lieutenant Cunningham acting as a Captain, about he thinks 25 days and at Wilmington in North Carolina in 1781 he served as a private soldier 3 months under he thinks Captain Robinson & he thinks on further reflection that he served as a Corporal and further he states that he resided in North Carolina State near where said Hunt did in the revolutionary War, near where said Hunt & was upwards of twenty-one years old then, and further he states that [indecipherable word] Circumstances related by said as having taken place in the battle at Ramsour’s Mill in North Carolina and he thinks the war 79 or 80, with Captain Sloan being killed by the Tories who we fought in that battle, & several other remarkable circumstances, he can & does say on oath that said Hunt served the tour that said battle was in which was about 17 days and said Hunt is now a resident of said State & County.

S/ Geo. M. Pryor, JPB

[fn p. 56]

State of Kentucky Barren County

This day Jonathan (Who Has Been an applicant for a Pension as a private in the Revolutionary War as will appear by reference to his application & declaration & amended declaration as certified by the clerk of Barren County Court dated 17 July 1833) Personally appeared in Open Court before me a Circuit Judge of the Barren Circuit Court and made oath that in the year 1781 in North Carolina Rowan County he entered the service of the United States as a private militia man in Captain Robertson’s Company William Manary Lieutenant & Hugh Manary Ensign, & General Rutherford commanded as General, & Colonel Lofton as Colonel & that he in that tour of three months which he served he rendezvoused on Deep River and went down to the relief of Wilmington which was besieged by the British & in fact in their possession & he was discharged 15 miles from Wilmington on North East River & his discharge was signed by General Rutherford and he further says that he served another tour of 3 months he thinks either in 1779 & 1780 in Captain Bullins company, George Bullen Lieutenant, Hugh Daviss Ensign, he entered the service that year in Rowan County & he then marched and joined the main Army at Twelve Mile Creek, General Davidson was with us, a while & General Morgan, we marched down to the Waxhaw Settlement in or near the Catawba River & Cornwallis was the British General then in those parts and that he was discharged on Twelve Mile Creek & his discharge was signed by Colonel Francis Locke and Cornwallis about that time marched from Camden up to Charlotte in McLenburg [sic, Mecklenburg] County & he further states that he served at least 40 days besides the above tours & under Captain [name too faint to discern] & Lieutenant Cunningham and had a battle with the Tories at Ramsours Mill & at the mouth of Rocky River where it empties into the Yadkin River. We had an engagement with the Tories, General Davidson Commanded in the latter battle, & at Ramsour’s Mill Colonel Francis Locke commanded as Colonel & Captain John Sloan commanded as Captain & was killed there & James Rutherford commanded as Major. Given under my hand this 17 March 1834

S/ Jonathan Hunt, H his mark

[fn p. 3]

State of Kentucky Barren County

This day Abel Hunt of said State and County appeared before me a Justice of the peace in the County aforesaid and made oath that he resided in North Carolina State Rowan County upwards of fifty years ago, which is the place of the nativity of him, and his brother Jonathan Hunt who is now a Citizen of Kentucky State Barren County, and applying to the general government for a Pension in Consequence of military Services rendered the United States as a Soldier in the revolutionary War, and distinctly recollects that said Jonathan Hunt who then resided at Daniel Hunt’s their father, served a considerable time as a Soldier at Various times, and he is well assured by his best recollection (tho, will not say positively) that his brother served at least Six months or more in said War, as he is informed he served when Col. Locke, Lieutenant Cunningham, & Merack Daviss Captain were in Commission, this affiant was not in the service himself, but living at his father’s with his said brother Jonathan had every chance of knowing that his said brother did serve, this affiant was then about sixteen years of age and is now about Sixty nine years of age.

S/ Abel Hunt

[attested November 18, 1833 by Wm Edmunds, JPBC]

[fn p. 6: application for a transfer dated November 7, 1843 and filed in Morgan County, Missouri, by veteran saying he has moved to that county and state as his permanent home.]

[Veteran was pensioned at the rate of $24.44 per annum commencing March 4th, 1831, for 7 months & 10 days service as a private in the North Carolina militia.]

1 The war Department interpreted this as John Sloan

2 FPA S31381

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