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Because space is limited on this site I also created a Youtube Channel and compiled photo albums on Flickr and Google Photos (see links below).



Google Albums: Pre 40s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s,


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Hunt Family Tombstones

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Hunt 50s & 60s

Doug, Roger, Steve Hunt 1954Apartment at 1133 E. Broadway, Long Beach 1951Beth Hunt 1965Beth Hunt & Doug Nov 22, 1951Aunt Maria, Doug & Beth Hunt 1951Roger, Steve, Doug Hunt 1956
Steve & Doug Hunt 1954Doug Hunt 1952Roger, Steve, Doug Hunt 1955Beth & Leon Hunt Wedding 1950

Hunt 50s & 60s, a set on Flickr.

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Carolyn and Doug Hunt’s Wedding


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Hunt 70s & 80s

James and Doug at Lundy 1974Doug, Levi, Leah Hunt, Christmas 1985Steve Hunt at Christmas 1985Doug, Levi, James and a German Christmas Tree 1982Doug and James Hunt 1977Steve Hunt and Shiloh 1977(?)
Leon Hunt Lundy 1977Beth Hunt Lundy 1977Roger and Shirley Hunt Lundy 1977Steve Hunt and Shiloh James Hunt Fishing Lundy 1977James Hunt, Shiloh and Safid 1975
Doug and James Hunt DLand 1976Doug Hunt ca. 1976Doug, Beth, James and Leon Hunt at Busch Gardens December 1976Steve Hunt Wall Lake 1976Doug Hunt Wall Lake 1976Doug Hunt and Chuck Patton
Doug Hunt and Chuck Patton on the Great Brain set 1977 Chuck Patton's Sled Team 1977Doug and Steve Hunt's House 1977Lundy's famous Daisy the goat, 1974Beth Hunt, (Charles wife?), Grandpa and Grandma CarrollJames and Doug Hunt Lundy Trout 1974

Hunt 70s & 80s, a set on Flickr.

Photos of the Hunt family from the mid-seventies through the mid-eighties. Please send me your photos for the same period.

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Dad’s proposal for creating a family corporation to administer the Lundy Lake Oxbow Ranch business:

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This is the add that Mom and Dad responded to when looking for a resort business to purchase (Increase image size by L. Mouse Click, then L. Mouse Click):

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I found the following article in a Desert magazine, August 1975, that Dad had held on to (To increase size: L. Mouse Click image, then L. Mouse Click again)

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Opal Hunt Bible

Opal Hunt Bible Record

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